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Interviewed by Shania Schwantes


Interview Summary: I have given Lauren and Justice a series of questions to answers before the interview. We being talking about how the things they like and liked as a child affect there life. I asked if they have ever gotten harassed. Justice begins to say that she has been harassed. Lauren doesn't feel like her answers don't fall into the opposite gender categories at first. Justice explains on how hers could fall into a categories. Lauren explains how she likes to watch football. Justice likes to watch track. If the answer affected them in anyway. Justice elaborates on her answers. The people attack do to things that you think are attainable but they don't. I asked them if the things have changed the way they view the opposite gender. They explain how the genders are different and what is different between the genders. I asked if they would raise their kid in the current status of sexism.

Lauren & Justice - Shania Schwantes
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