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The aim of this project is to open communication across often segregated segments of society, by creating a vessel to hold and share many individuals’ personal narratives - as they relate to the multifaceted concept on privilege. 

The genesis of this website is an integrated research/studio course entitled Narrative of Privilege: The Interview Project, offered by Adjunct Associate Professor, Zoë Darling, at the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design. The course was originally run in 2015, when this website was created. The students who conducted these interviews and collected resources through collaborative research, are the backbone of this project. 


The course was offered again in 2019 and 2023, at which times the website was updated with additional resources and creative works based on the topics central to the class.


Community resources are also available and are organized under the main categories of society privileges and society discriminations, as determined by the group discussions.

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