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Voting as a student in WI & Beyond

This information was put together with MIAD students in mind, but no matter what college or university you attend, the documentation you need to register as a student is transferable.  All of the resource links below are relevant to all folx looking to registrar to vote for the first time, requesting an absentee ballot, confirming polling place or checking what and who are on the upcoming ballot.


MIAD students are able to vote in Wisconsin, even if they’re originally from another state.  During the years you’re attending and living in the dorms (or off-campus) you are considered a Wisconsin student - you just need to register to vote and present correct documentation.


What documents do students need to vote?


One of the following:

  • A valid Wisconsin Driver’s License

  • Wisconsin State ID Card – students can obtain a free WI ID Card at the Department of Motor Vehicles

  • A new MIAD Student ID that includes the student’s signature

***Go to room RL45 to provide your signature during normal business hours throughout the entire month of October. A new ID will be ready in minutes at no cost to the student.***


How do students register to vote?


Wisconsin has same-day voter registration, which means students can register when they go to vote. To register before Election Day, go to MyVote Wisconsin. Students will need documentation to prove their residency in Wisconsin and register to vote, whether in-person on Election Day or before Election Day. Check this list of accepted documentation and FAQs from MyVote Wisconsin. MIAD recommends using a tuition invoice with the student’s local address, which only takes minutes to receive.

  • If needed, students must first change their address with the Registrar’s Office to their local, current address.

  • Request a tuition invoice from the Student Accounts Office. A student’s local address will appear on the invoice, and it only takes a few minutes.


Where do students vote?


In Wisconsin, students should go to to find their polling place and the people who will appear on their ballot. They can also stop by the Help Desk in RL45 and Student Services will help answer any questions and find polling locations.


Can I vote absentee in another’s state’s elections instead?


Yes. If you want to vote absentee in another state’s elections, while attending college, you can do that instead.  You can visit this federal site, to locate a particular state’s voting information.

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