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Interview by Taylor Morant


Interview Summary: I interviewed three people either trans or nonbinary. The focus of the interview was privileges and discriminations they believe they experience. We did this through analyzing how the public views or treats them. For example, Joi and Kenzy who use he/him pronouns are not immediately judged because of their gender identity because their gender expression is not stereotypically masculine. Another theme was also how they react to such discrimination. All three just so happen to be artists, and use their art as a way of storytelling and represent themselves how they would like to seen. I chose to do sculptures of their faces as a way to further this representation but through my own lens. Like Joi said “It’s easier to have a diagram instead of being the physical diagram… because people love to pick you a part, it’s like you can’t to do that to me but you can do that to my painting if you like.” Each person used he/him pronouns and is not meant to represent all non-binary or transgender people.

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