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Interviewed by Kylie Leverette


Interview Summary: Sexism is a hypersensitive topic to discuss, like many of the topics related to privilege and its double sided meaning. Having a discussion with adolescent boys and girls is seen as almost a taboo thing to talk to them about. That is why my interview with Camryn Seymour and Peter Schoolmeesters was such an interesting project. I asked both Peter and Camryn harmless questions about their toys to see exactly what kind of impact their toys had on the way they see gender roles. I discovered that Peter was less aware of gender roles but Camryn knew of it and chose to discuss it. Open discussions with kids about harmless things proved to be a fascinating way to decode how exactly sexism to a young person can be seen through toys and simple everyday activities.

Peter - Kylie Leverette
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Camryn - Kylie Leverette
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